How to Navigate the MetaMask Mobile App  HTML view Note

MetaMask is a cryptocurrency wallet that allows users to trade any cryptotokens that are part of the Ethereum blockchain. It also enables users to connect to a wide array of Ethereum-based decentralized applications, from games to decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges. This means that it can serve as an entry point into both DeFi and the growing […]

How to Remove, Change, and Set Default Apps on Android

You’ve probably seen set-to-default banners on your Android phone nearly every day that a new app is installed. This simple question prioritizes that app if you answer yes, which allows it to open whenever you perform a certain action, such as opening a photo album. You may want to alter these defaults from time to […]

How to Automatically Improve the Performance of Your Samsung Phone

Your Samsung phone is essentially a pocket-sized computer. It can hold an astounding amount of data, but all of this functionality can lead to a slow device over time. Avoid buying a new phone too soon by trying these tips. Improve your Samsung’s performance when you adjust just a few settings. 1. Clearing the Cookies […]