The 7 Best Animation Apps for Android

The 7 Best Animation Apps for Android

Although there are tons of animation apps on the market, a quality one that produces great results, is easy to use, and is also fast can be challenging to find. Your search can be overwhelming and intimidating at times because there are so many to choose from. A good animation app will give users with little to no experience the ability to easily animate their photos and videos. Below you will find the top seven Android animation apps available today.

1. Animation Desk

This is one of the most popular animation apps on the market with over one million downloads. This app is popular among professionals and casual users. It is ideal for drawing ideas, storyboarding, and animating. It has a user-friendly interface and plenty of options to play with. You can also export your completed work.

2. Adobe Creative Cloud Express

This is an excellent app for creating animated videos. It also sinks seamlessly with your desktop. You can upload your own images or choose one from the vast Adobe repository. Cloud Express also allows you to create a slideshow, add a soundtrack, and text from a variety of professional fonts.

3. Draw Cartoons 2

This app is designed around cartoon animation. It combines all aspects of cartoon creation including publishing and character drawing. The app can handle basic animation with little to no time or effort. It has an extensive library of objects, characters, and a skeletal model for quick animations.

4. FlipaClip

This is a free cartoon animation app that features modern technology with a throwback feel. Some key features include free animation layers and tools to add special effects to your animations. One of the best aspects of the app is the ability to create cartoons that look like a flipbook.

5. Stop Motion Studio

This free animation app allows you to create a story using real props. The app makes the process of sequentially arranging photos to make a movie easy. Studio Motion Studio includes a wide array of editing tools and filters to create outstanding animations.

6. LottieFiles

This app is designed to make animating easy and fun. It takes away the complexities that you may find in many other apps. It comes with a host of tools to edit, display, test, develop, and design animations. It is a developer and designer's dream because it does not require individual coding for motion graphics.

7. GIFMob

This app is designed to create animated GIFs and MP4s. It has a single-page user-friendly design and allows you to easily create animations. You can design images from your own gallery, camera, or unlimited built-in images. The app features a superposition mode which allows you to overlay images to create excellent stop-motion animations.