The Best Apps for Learning Languages

The Best Apps for Learning Languages

As the digital age thrives, many people seek ways to expand their knowledge of world languages and cultures. Although there are many traditional ways to learn languages, such as books and classrooms, a wealth of free, interactive, and exciting apps can help boost your skills. Many languages learning apps provide audio for the pronunciation of each word and sentence. This makes them ideal for those still working on their pronunciation skills. Here we will discuss some of the best apps for learning languages.

1. Babbel

Babbel is a free language learning application with over 20 languages available. The app is available for iPhone and Android and offers 12 languages, with other languages offered as in-app purchases. Some free languages available on Babbel include Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish and Turkish. A remarkable feature of Babbel is that the app tracks your progress to see how much you have learned each day, week or month. The app also offers a social network in which you can chat with native speakers and practice their language of choice.

2. Duolingo

This free app is available for both Apple and Android devices, making it a great go-to app when you are on the go. Duolingo is a popular app that offers language learning through gameplay. The app also tracks your progress and gives you a trophy after every set of levels. There are over 80 languages offered through this app, and each language has different levels, so you are getting a variety when choosing which languages you want to learn through Duolingo. The app also offers language learning through word games, quizzes and stories. With the app, you can also work on your pronunciation with several available pronunciation options.

3. Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is a commonly used app for language learning. This app offers a wide range of languages, from beginner to advanced, for iPhone and Android. The features of the Rosetta Stone app are standard. You can learn through flashcards, stories and games that you can use on the go, so you do not have to set down your mobile device to learn your new language. A remarkable thing about this app is that you learn through audio, pictures and video, so you learn how to pronounce words and become familiar with how words sound in context and how your new language looks.

4. Busuu

Busuu offers a variety of languages ranging from Portuguese and Italian to Russian and Arabic. The app offers free basic membership, while you can upgrade to premium membership for unlimited learning. Another remarkable aspect of this app is that it offers audio in over 20 languages to hear how the words are pronounced. It is beneficial for those who still need help understanding spoken language versus written language. The app allows you to connect with native speakers to practice your language skills.

Learning a new language can be very rewarding and ultimately make you a more worldly individual. There are so many different applications for learning languages available for all devices. Choose an app that is best for your learning style. Whether you prefer to learn through games, flashcards or stories, these apps will help you learn a new language in no time.